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JJiangsu Deep Blue Space Co., LTD. (DEEP Blue Space) focuses on liquid recovery and reuse carrier rockets, which is a high-tech commercial aerospace enterprise that researches and produces reusable rockets and provides launch services to the market.
Deep Blue Space is headquartered in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and has a rocket assembly and liquid engine R&D center in Yizhuang, Beijing. The rocket power system test base has been built in Tongchuan, Shaanxi province. The company has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification and weapon equipment quality management system certification.
In July 2021, Deep Blue space completed its first vertical take-off and landing (VTVL) free flight, a vertical recovery flight test of a carrier rocket known as the grasshopper Jump. In October 2021, Deep Blue Aerospace once again completed the 100-meter VTVL vertical recovery test. In May 2022, Deep Blue Aerospace successfully completed the km level VTVL vertical recovery flight test, and will carry out the overall test of the 20-ton level liquid oxygen/kerosene engine "Thunderbolt 20" as planned.
Commercial space has unlimited prospects and space. As a member of this sunrise industry, Deep Blue Space will adhere to the pragmatic, innovative, rigorous and efficient style and aspire to become a promoter of space transportation industry.
DBA has a team of nearly one hundred people, including 8 doctors and nearly 30 masters. The R&D members mainly come from CASC, CASIC, AVIC, etc. They have solid theoretical knowledge and rich engineering experience in the liquid launch vehicle and liquid rocket engine and advanced space vehicle development , and their professional directions cover the overall design, aerodynamic, liquid rocket engine, structure, electrical system , software, and other professional directions required forrocket research and development. At the same time, the company also has a vibrant professional management and scientific research support team, which effectively guarantees the efficient operation of the entire launch vehicle research and development, supply chain and support chain. The company also hires the industry authority in the field of launch vehicle development and launch as the company's advisers.
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